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Primer by Shane Caruth
Most people would think that the best cubicle movie is Office Space, but actually, Primer is the most accurate portrayal of startup office culture in any movie to date. Also there's some stuff about time travel.

This movie might actually be out of print right now, which may explain the premium on what it's going for right now.

I've seen it. Now I want to own it, no matter the cost.

USB Temperature Logger
Devin's Pick! Is it hot in here or is it just me? Find out with this USB temperature logger.

World Clock
Ken's Pick! You can't have a global customer base without knowing what time it is!

Newton's Cradle
No desk is complete without one of these. Secretly thrill to the wonders of conservation of momentum, as you pretend to enjoy it purely on an ironic level (We won't tell!)

Office Space
Mandatory viewing for anyone working in an office. This movie has become the thing it meant to mock. The Blu-ray is pretty cheap, though.

Magnet Balls
So what these are are a bunch of magnetic balls that you fiddle around with to form all sorts of shapes. Very therapeutic. Until they zap your credit card. Then, pretty infuriating.

Lego Star Wars Super Star Destroyer
If you had to choose between an Aeron chair and an Imperial Star Destroyer, there's no contest.

Horse Mask
Casual Friday will never be the same with this disturbing horse mask.

Solar Motion Lamp - Ferris Wheel
A fun desk accessory that would make working even more enjoyable.

Solar Motion Lamp - Plane Ride
An interesting desk accessory. Enjoy a plane ride while working at your desk.

Hamster in a Ball
Watch your cute pet as it runs inside his spinning exercise wheel!

Pin Art Dolphin
A dolphin art made of pins is truly creative. Hang it aournd to keep you inspired.

USB Missile Launcher
Protect your Cube at all costs!

Family Tree Photo Frame
Be inspired to work as all the apples of your life are near you. It will surely add color in your office desk.

Lucky Cat
This is your good luck charm. Get lucky at work as this cute cat invites luck to come near you.

Dancing Flower
Vibrant flowers that won't wither. Enjoy working and you can even dance with these flowers.

Swinging Frog
This little green frog is having fun and that's what working should really be.

Frog Tape Dispenser
It's a frog that dispenses tape.

Frog Stapler
Even stapling your paper becomes fun with this frog stapler.

Rabbit Scissors Stainless Steel
Feel like a child again with this stainless steel rabbit scissors.

Light Bulb Clock
A light bulb clock that automatically lights up when it gets dark.

Frog Mouse and Pad
A frog and mouse pad is a ray of sunshine that would add cheerfulness into your work life.

Pig Mouse and Pad
This pig mouse and pad does not stink, but will keep you in a happy mood all day long.

Panda Mouse and Pad
A panda mouse and pad that can easily cheer you up.

Koala Mouse and Pad
A koala mouse and pad that will inspire you to work even more.

Heart Mouse and Pad
Get to love your work even more with this heart-shaped mouse and pad.

USB Owl Gray
Get an owl as your office pet and be amazed for it has a mysterious healing power of making you laugh.

USB Owl Pink
A pink owl that can be cute while you work. A perfect toy that can make you laugh.

Butt Station
Functional and offensive (but only slightly)!

Desk Memo with Clock
It's um... a desk memo with a clock.

Robot USB Hub
This looks like that old robot that came with the old Nintendo and was only good for the game that came with it.

Mood Light USB Hub
Sorry, can't think of a good tagline for this. It's a mood light USB hub.

Mug Boss Tool Belt
Office tool belt for your coffee mug!

Perfect Petzzz Border Collie
This dog is great to have around in case a heard of sheep make their way into your office. Round them up and put them in your boss' cube.

Perfect Petzzz Alaskan Husky
Bring this pet to your cube and you will start to feel like snow sledding on your lunch.

Perfect Petzzz Pug

This is the perfect pet for your cubicle.  A lifelike puppy that actually breathes!

Perfect Petzzz Chocolate Lab
No wonder, your Labrador Retriever will make working as enjoyable as possible.

Perfect Petzzz Beagle
Catch the attention of the woman you are eyeing with the help of your Beagle's amazing personality.

Perfect Petzzz Shih Tzu
In no time, you would receive a Congeniality award because of the friendliness of your dog.

Perfect Petzzz Cavalier King Charles
Take a few minutes cuddling your little dog to help ease work fatigue.

Perfect Petzzz Black Lab
Be inspired to finish that work and get to hit the outdoors afterward.

Perfect Petzzz Tan Chihuahua
Keep this little Chihuahua inside your cube. This would surely wait for you and keep you company as you work after office hours.

Perfect Petzzz Jack Russell
This is a great dog to have around while you work. It won't really bark at you preys, but they better beware for Jack Russell is guarding you.

Perfect Petzzz Maltese
A white dog in your cube brings a peaceful aura around you. It makes you want to take a vacation at the Mediterranean too.

Perfect Petzzz Mutt
With this little guy in your cubicle, you would be inspired to work more. Flexibility also becomes second nature to you.

Perfect Petzzz Portuguese Water Dog
Need help in solving office problems? Your Portuguese Water Dog will be there to help you hunt for solutions.

Perfect Petzzz Yorkie
With your intelligence and personality, keeping this little guy while you work will surely make you the most popular guy around.

Perfect Petzzz Orange Tabby Kitten
This kitten is great companion as you work. Everyone would surely desire to have this pet with them too.

Perfect Petzzz Black & White Kitten
This pet makes your job really interesting. There won't be a dull moment in your office as long as you have a Black & White Kitten inside your cubicle.

Perfect Petzzz Gray Tabby Kitten
Your Gray Tabby Kitten keeps you calm whenever you start to feel angry at those annoying co-workers.

Perfect Petzzz Tan Siamese
Don't let the no-pet policy keep you down. Surely, everyone in your office would also love to have a Siamese cat in their lap while working.

Perfect Petzzz Bandana
Perfect Petzzz Bandana - 4 options to choose from

Perfect Petzzz Boxer
You don't need to drink much coffee to keep you energized, just take a look at your pet to keep you going.

Perfect Petzzz Bully Bulldog
Everyone, including your boss, will definitely feel that you are a dependable worker when they see this dog in your cubicle.

Perfect Petzzz Prima Dona Poodle
Your fabulous looking dog would definitely wow everyone once they see this fashionista in your cubicle.

Perfect Petzzz Gorilla
This gorilla won't be stealing your bananas, if he does, you've got bigger problems than just a missing banana!!

Perfect Petzzz Koala
With this koala in your cube, you'll feel like your from down under. For fun answer all your phone calls with G'Day Mate!

Perfect Petzzz Lion
The master of all cats, and look at him sleeping like a baby!

Perfect Petzzz Panda
Pandas do not hibernate, but you'd never guess that with this lazy panda sitting in your office!

Perfect Petzzz Polar Bear
You don't have to visit the arctic, to enjoy this polar bear!

Wireless Mouse: Corvette (Atomic Orange)
Power of a Corvette in the palm of your hand.

Wireless Mouse: Camaro (Black)
Is that Camaro street legal? The person holding it deserves a promotion.

Wireless Mouse: Camaro (Silver Black Stripes )
A cross between classic and modern look. Don't forget to slow down and take your lunch.

Wireless Mouse: Ford Mustang (Blue with White Stripes)
Let's get out of here. Hop in the Mustang, we are going to My Documents.

Wireless Mouse: Mustang GT (Black White Stripes)
Browse the web with extra horsepower holding the Mustang GT wireless mouse.

Wireless Mouse: Dodge Charger (Silver)
Charge through the web, with this wireless mouse

Wireless Mouse: Dodge Charger (Black)
Race through the day with this Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mouse: Camaro (Maroon)
Race your co-workers around the office.

Wireless Mouse: Mustang GT (White with Blue Stripes)
Build Ford Tough, this mustang is what you've always dreamed of

Wireless Mouse: Corvette (Yellow) Wireless Mouse
No that's not the flash dressed up in a banana suit, this car is faster!

Wireless Mouse: Camaro (Highway Patrol)
Cruise the Information Super Highway, and feel free to give a few tickets along the way!

Wireless Mouse: Ford GT (Red with White Stripes)
You're be chirping gears, as you surf the net!

Wireless Mouse: Viper SRT10 (Red)
Every man's dream is to own a viper, well now you can!

Wireless Mouse: Dodge Charger (Police)
Go ahead, make the siren sound, no one is watching.

Wireless Mouse: Camaro (Atomic Orange with Black Stripes)
Go ahead and redline this one, just be sure to chirp the gears as you cruise the web.

Wrist Guard Cover Sporty
The solution to the unsightly wrist guard.